Your Everlasting Personality

Is your personality a facade?

What are you really?

Does your soul have a flavor?

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 4.15.30 PMThe answer really depends on how one defines the word “personality”. I define personality as a set of preferences. Masters such as Buddha and Jesus had clear personalities, which caused them to make very different decisions with their lives.

If someone were to say “I’m the kind of person that really needs to have a swig of whiskey before bed” – that is NOT their personality – that is a learned HABIT. That can change.

A personality is BEHIND the habits. Personality is the pure vibration which contains NO negativity (AKA stagnancy, or lack of vibration).

When describing their personalities, many people tie in negative/shadow aspects of their lives into what they ‘think’ is their personality.

Lions and trees, for example, are pure expressions of  very different personalities. And within that – each species of tree and each specific lion also have their own unique preferences. Some things are learned (such as in domesticated animals) and some things are natural (such as all types of variables within the plant kingdom – preferred environment, preferred water, preferred amount of sun, natural defenses). Similarly, self-realized humans have their own way of doing things. Some might be hilarious comedians (AKA fools), some might be warriors, some might be magicians. Some may embrace the powers of the orphan, some may prefer the innocent.

In our work, we use a system of 12 archetypes. While everyone has ALL of them and we can benefit by learning about ALL of them – we will find our preferences. EVERY problem can be solved by using the gifts of ANY of the 12 archetypes. For me, my preferred way of creating change and solving problems tends to come from the magician archetype, though sometimes I will gravitate toward other ones for certain issues. Many people will not resonate with that and will do things differently because they have different preferences. After all, they are different vibrations.

We all bring a different vibrational frequency to this planet, and through that uniqueness we perceive a personality to emerge. We can shift our frequency as needed, of course, and yet we will find our preferred form of embodiment – the way of being which brings us our greatest joys.

The part of us that ISN’T unique is the reptile brain – the survival. When people consider that to be their personality, they are mistaken.

If we didn’t have personalities, we would all make the same decisions and have the same preferences. Personality is built into the soul.

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