Quantum Comedy

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The nature of reality appears to constantly be changing…

Sometimes it’s joyful, sometimes it’s a burden.

Sometimes it’s surprising, sometimes it’s boring.

The truth is, it’s really just us who is changing.

The lens through which we see the world, is changing.

One of the most powerful intentions is to ‘lighten up’.

And in moving toward achieving this, it’s true that laughter is the best medicine.

Laughter is the body’s natural breathwork.

Laughter is perhaps the most efficient healing tool on Earth.

And we love our efficiency here in Finland, don’t we?

Behold, Quantum Comedy!

Get ready for a totally unique and hilarious experience. A deep dive into the subconscious mind with lighthearted play and performance. 

Participate if you feel the call, or sit back and simply enjoy the show.

The evening takes place inside of a beautiful candlelit yoga studio. We’ll flow between my performance, interactive exercise opportunities (humor training!), and sonic healing instruments to calm the nervous system. 

We’ll co-create the flow together. Magic is inevitable.

You’ll leave this event feeling revitalized, amazed, open, light, and excited about life.

The location offers easy access to Helsinki trams and is a 15 minutes walk from the railway station.

Note: Joshua will be in Finland for approximately 1 week following the event and will be available for 1 on 1 healing sessions (play therapy!) during that time. See daoplay.live for more details

3 Hours

33 Euros

5pm-8pm Saturday September 1st

@Kundaliini Jooga, Laivurinkatu 33, Helsinki

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