Our Inner Insect

beauty_in_the_nastyWithin us lies the capability of embodying (AKA Role Playing) as any type of energy that we so choose. If someone says “Act like a rock”, you may go curl up in a ball. We are naturals at mimicking energy because this instinct was built into us to learn how to survive in a pack.

There are lots of ways that we are trained to mimic big, bold energies such as elephants or tigers. Or soft energies like bunnies or squirrels.

Let’s talk about an energy category that’s not often discussed: insects.

Insect energy is within us all. It’s our deep survival mode. It’s very similar to reptile energy, but even more dumbed down and basic. Eat. Kill. Run. Stop. Go. So. Basic.

This isn’t bad – these are very necessary qualities. The difference between stop and go is completely essential to our lives. And yet, most people are so disgusted by insects that we forget to respect what they represent. Our disgust with them truly represents a disgust with out own very…basic…nature.

One of the huge differences between the human mind and animal minds is in the projection of the future. An insect may have the least future projection of them all in its short term consciousness, and yet in it’s long-term subconscious it is perhaps the only animal who’s currently prepared well enough to survive as long as the planet does. In their immediate consciousness they are so ‘in the moment’ that they will walk right underneath a shoe which is trying to step on them. They are so clueless about anything other than what’s right in front of them that they are a danger to their personal selves (Maybe you know some people like that too?). And yet, that’s why there are so many of them because they are authentic to their species as a whole. They generally function as a colony of some sort – as one giant functioning organism. Perhaps they even have some community building skills we could learn from.

In talking about insects here, feel free to replace that with whatever you think is ‘nasty’. The point here it to acknowledge that anything we are emotionally charged about, whether it’s stinky garbage, a messy room, a cockroach, or a bloody nose – when we make the conscious choice to see the beauty in everything it empowers us to see the beauty in ourselves. This doesn’t mean we need to ‘prefer’ to have a bloody nose, and we don’t need to ‘prefer’ to have cockroaches on the kitchen counter – but when we go out of our way to notice what’s beautiful about them we will be rewarded with greater peace in our bodies.

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