The Quantum Theater immersive experience format is a cornerstone of Joshua’s transformational work. It’s a confronting and powerful way to create a quick identity shift.

Joshua has the ability to see where unconscious and disowned Will is hiding. After much experience, he has refined a suite of empowerment tools designed to bring greater self-awareness to clients. This allows individuals to more deeply access their basic life force energy.

Set Your Story Free

This was a subscription platform offering weekly at-home transformational Quantum Theater story experience

Quantum Wrestling

A live workshop (Bali recording available)

Becoming Star Zero

A one man show (not released)

Meet Your BioReflection

We all have creative leadership abilities inside of us, wanting to be unleashed.
MYBR is a Game Show style group experience comprised of various mini-games in which ‘contestants’ can playfully compete in a unified goal toward greater truth, together. 
Some mini games require props and equipment, such as music, megaphone, podium, phone/apps, brain wave reader headsets, musical instruments, and more.
Designed to be filmed for future enjoyment.


An audio series for float tanks

(not released)


Discover The Storyweaving Book, Course, and Consulting. The Art of Transformational Storytelling.

Anatomy of a Miracle

A live workshop (Amsterdam recording available)


An interactive app experience (not released)

Quantum Comedy AKA Leadership Comedy

Laughter is often suppressed and seen as inappropriate or taboo. As the body’s natural breathwork mechanism, this creates serious long term effects and requires intentional intervention.
Quantum Comedy is a workshop designed to help people reclaim the physical comfort of deep laughter in their bodies, thereby empowering them to take this healing tool into their daily lives in a more liberating and profound way than ever before.
Through a series of exercises and partnered exchange, participants get a chance to experiment with what feels true in the body and see how it differs from what feels true in the mind.

26 Threads: An archetypal Breathwork Journey

Story Fades In…

In the surprisingly near future, the 26 Threads are a mysterious set of frequencies designed to activate all 12 layers of our DNA. We simply arrive at the shop and the “upgrade” process begins.

This futuristic journey guides us through a story based breathwork experience inspired by the Jungian 12 archetypes system, and the 12 Stages of Healing.  
Accompanied by both live narration and a prerecorded audio track, it is a journey not to be missed.

Men’s Initiation

Our men are confused, overworked, lacking joy, lacking love, and looking in all the wrong places.
This is often because they weren’t properly initiated into the the realm of the Heart – having never met the true ‘inner parent’ and relying only on the synthetic intern voices of their biological parents throughout adulthood.

To change this, we must take men in a series of activations for the purpose of helping them to come into contact with the unfelt emotions of their parents and therby allowing the full energy of their true selves move into these spaces.

As a sacred gender alchemy space, we ask to keep this event for men only.

The Father Field

As children, many of us did not have proper examples of an activated healthy masculine role model. As such, we have had difficulty in anchoring the various aspects of the inner masculine here in Earth. From boundaries, to decision making, to providing our service.
The Father Field workshop is a story based workshop designing to take our inner masculine on a journey of maturity.
Unlike the Men’s Initiation, this is for any gender.


Many people feel squeamish at the thought of selling, or see it as a ‘necessary evil’ in their role. 

The PrimalYES workshop is designed to re-frame destructive ideas about selling and to assist the seller to first focus on embodiment of a full yes to themselves and their services before ‘trying’ to sell to anyone else – Which actually makes obsolete the need for trying at all and has an effect of magnetized the right audience as needed.