Facilitator Training

Most of us have forgotten how to PLAY.
PLAY is how we release our wildness.
PLAY is the highway on which our soul travels.

The Quantum Theater points us into the direction of Truth.
To PLAY with Truth is to connect our thoughts to our emotional experience.
It may be painful.
It may be exhilarating.
It may be joyous.
It may be dark.
Everything is equal in the eyes of truth.
This is how we unlock your deepest magic.

The Quantum Theater is Joshua’s  1:1 Immersive Theater Experience. Customized to provide clarity for each individual.

The results are tangible and undeniable.

Approximately 90 minutes. No script. Always completely unique. Partially intuitive and partially systematized. 

Soon, a facilitator training program will be announced for those who want to learn this method and share it with others.

Become a Facilitator:

If you’d like to discuss working together, a free 15 minute consultation is available on the Sessions  Page