Cannabis Writing

About Joshua, Author

Joshua is an expert in the field of creating a conscious cannabis relationship, bringing together multiple fields of study into a single unifying force of productive goodness through his Expandabis Lifestyle brand. Discover more about his training expertise here.

A seasoned writer, Joshua has penned multiple screenplays, a novella, many short stories, and blog articles. He is currently writing The Expandabis Manual, a book about developing a conscious cannabis relationship. He has capacity to write up to 10 blog entries per week.

Writing Samples

Joshua has recently written 2 articles for a well known Cannabis blog. The writing style for these is standardized terminologies for a mainstream audience (they are not yet officially published, final links will be added here soon – click these links for password protected page using password “samples”):

Mainstream Audience

Why Cannabis is Changing the World in the Next Five Years

Why Cannabis Affects Everyone Differently​

Here are some of Joshua’s cannabis related blogs on the Expandabis website – the language used here tends to be more liberal with non-standard terminologies, aimed at a more spiritual audience:

Spiritual Audience

Patriarchy, Shame, and Cannabis

Femininity Will Release us from Slavery

Healing Autism Spectrum with Cannabis

 Upcoming Articles

Using Cannabis for Brainstorming

Brainstorming (and creativity in general) is all about making connects and combining ideas. Parts of these ideas all live inside of the brainstorming group and we are simply teasing them out. By consciously shifting our emotional states we are able to tease out different aspects, and role playing is my favorite way to do this.

Using Cannabis for Team Building 

Team building is both a powerful and sensitive topic because it represents both the future of humanity, as well as each of our individual histories. We often don’t realize it, but when a team member emotionally triggers us, they are somehow representing an experience from our past. We can use cannabis to ‘zoom out’ of the experience and see what’s happening from a bird’s eye view in order to bridge any gaps between team members.

Using Cannabis for Detoxification 

Because the THC cannabis has the incredible ability to put us more in touch with our body and our nervous system, and literally feel more than we normally allow ourselves to feel, one side effect is we have more control over how we objectively interact with toxins in our body.

Other Topics to Consider

Do you work with a cannabis blog? Here are some topic ideas which Joshua can bring to your audience:

•How cannabis can be your mentor

•Talking about cannabis with people who don’t understand it

•How to Change Your Limited Beliefs Using Cannabis

•Proper Cannabis Education Enhances the Effects

•Cannabis through the Lens of Chinese Medicine

•The Dangers of Irresponsible Cannabis Usage

•Using Cannabis for Humor Therapy

•Enhancing our Intuition Using Cannabis

•Self-Discovery with Cannabis

•Cannabis vs Psychedelics: What’s the difference?

•Essential Supplements for Cannabis Users


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