Cannabis Training: Self-Healing with the Green Goddess

About Joshua, Speaker/Trainer

Joshua is an expert in the field of creating a conscious cannabis relationship, bringing together multiple fields of study into a single unifying force of productive goodness through his Expandabis Lifestyle brand. Discover more about his training expertise here.

A passionate speaker, Joshua is keen on using metaphor to relay big concepts through the art of storytelling, and conveying heavy topics through his personal flavor of easily digestible comedy 😉

Working with The Green Goddess

Joshua works with the Spirit of Cannabis in a unique way to rebuild deep trust in ourselves: coming to understand our own willpower using The Expandabis Method.

Stay in, Take Out, or Spread Far

Joshua’s work can be experienced in a custom group setting, one on one, or to a wide audience over video. No matter how it’s done, he is able to adapt to the needs of the participants and create a consistently magical experience every time.

Reality Bend when you Bud Tend

Joshua enjoys training others in the art of Integrity Selling, Doing this in conjunction with cannabis training can be an extremely powerful tool for dispensaries and product manufacturers.

Delivery on Steroids

When a delivery arrives in the hands of an Expandabis Practitioner, it truly takes things to the next level. Consider partnering with Joshua for high end delivery/training services!

Is your brand a fit?

Joshua enjoys collaborating with aligned brands whose mission and values are a good match. Please get in touch!