Being Big and Small at the Same Time

big_and_smallWe are often faced with situations that challenge us to bring our best. We are often scared that instead of bringing out best, we will bring our worst. We often don’t know how we will react. Will we feel scared and small? Or will we convince ourselves that ‘we can do it’ and will feel big and powerful?

The fact is, it doesn’t need to be one or the other. We don’t need to feel super great to get great results. We are allowed to feel scared. We can feel big, and at the same time we can bring our small and scared selves along with us.

Imagine that a part of ourselves feels so small – it’s like a mouse. And another part of ourselves feels large and powerful, like an elephant. Sure, we can meditate on being the elephant for 30 days straight, but if that mouse still exists after the 30 days it doesn’t mean we’re not good enough to get started. The trick is simply to take actions based on feeling big, and not take actions based on feeling small. We can feel both, but our actions can stream from only the best.

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