Author: Joshua Edjida


    THE END OF PROSTITUTION: NIKE IS NOT AN ABUNDANCE TEACHER ??????????? Many of us have self-hatred embedded deep in our cells. This is not because we’re unlovable, but it is for a very good reason. We’ve been abusing ourselves. We’ve been prostituting to achieve results for value systems other than our own. In a prostitution…


    ?TRUE INTIMACY: A SIMPLE DECISION? ????????? When I was a kid, my father cheated on my mother. My mother then kicked him out of the house. Neither had the courage to own their triggers or to clarify boundaries within a commitment of true intimacy. So my inner child learned…Bad behavior = You’re outta here! This…

  • Current Status of the Gender War

    Yesterday I experienced a very deep collective hurt show up within myself and my partnership to teach me about the entanglements we are in…and now I get to share the results with you. (Happy to share more personal details if you like, but the results here are very important).

  • The Silent Treatment

    NOTE: This post was written in collaboration with my teacher who has passed away since we started it (or perhaps he is just ghosting me). His name was Michael Melville. He was a brilliant Jungian analyst and Dream Interpreter. Here is his blog. There is a common form of self-destruction and communication dysfunction which is well known…

  • Your Everlasting Personality

    Is your personality a facade? What are you really? Does your soul have a flavor? The answer really depends on how one defines the word “personality”. I define personality as a set of preferences. Masters such as Buddha and Jesus had clear personalities, which caused them to make very different decisions with their lives.

  • Anger is Creativity Waiting to Happen

    Anger is a powerful force. It’s seen as quite taboo in our society today – people are regularly shaming others, saying things like “don’t be angry” or “don’t make a mountain out of a molehill”. The truth is, if it feels like a mountain bursting from within you, swallowing it can be incredibly damaging. Have…

  • Being Big and Small at the Same Time

    We are often faced with situations that challenge us to bring our best. We are often scared that instead of bringing out best, we will bring our worst. We often don’t know how we will react. Will we feel scared and small? Or will we convince ourselves that ‘we can do it’ and will feel big…

  • Our Inner Insect

    Within us lies the capability of embodying (AKA Role Playing) as any type of energy that we so choose. If someone says “Act like a rock”, you may go curl up in a ball. We are naturals at mimicking energy because this instinct was built into us to learn how to survive in a pack.

  • To think outside the box, turn the walls into ears

    We all want to “Think outside the box”, but exactly how is that done? What is the box, and how can we possibly get outside of it if be definition we are “in” it? It can seem impossible, until we make the decision to play with our own identity.

  • 5 Minute Commitments Can Change Your Life

    When’s the last time you spent 5 minutes asking yourself what you are committed to? This isn’t a guilt trip. This isn’t saying you should do something or not do something.