Anger is Love

kali anger

When you are raging, when you are livid – that is your absolute most loving moment. We tend to judge our anger. Our anger feels like poison, because we tend to hurt people with it.

The truth is, we don’t have to hurt people with it. We are confused. Rage is here to protect us. Even anger toward ourselves is attempting to protect us for our own mistakes. We have so much fear that we are going to make mistake upon mistake, which will lead us to killing ourselves. Instead, our anger is often the pressure release valve opening new dimensions of consciousness which will allow us to see the solutions we were previously blind to. It’s an explosion of compressed love.

Can we thank our anger for this amazing gift? Can we see our anger for what it really is?

That’s not to say that in the moment of anger we should try not to be angry, that’s lying – and is just going to hurt us more. We are both a spirit and a body at the same time. Our spirit’s job is to facilitate the release – it knows the anger is necessary.  While our body goes through the experience of growing in consciousness as the energy exits from its cells – which is potentially painful depending on how much we resist the truth of the emotion. Our body thinks “this is what I am”, and when it is proven to be something else (ego death), our fear of death is what makes it hurt. Instead, anger can be exciting, truly a joyful rage. It feels absolutely nothing like suicidal depression. This is by design.

What we think when we are angry doesn’t really matter, and is rarely true. It’s typically just a flood of toxic thoughts that we witness as they are released from our system. Knowing this can make it easier to release the thoughts instead of giving them hooks to grab onto. Honoring the anger makes our body like an oil slick, so it slides away with ease.

If we commit to experiencing the best possibilities for ourselves, we commit to owning our experiences as healing processes even if they are taboo or scary. When we direct the energy toward something useful, our growth occurs even more efficiently. Seeing the love in the anger is this growth.

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