5 Minute Commitments Can Change Your Life


When’s the last time you spent 5 minutes asking yourself what you are committed to?

This isn’t a guilt trip. This isn’t saying you should do something or not do something.

This is simply asking – have you done this? You might like it. It’s very helpful. It’s interesting. It’s JUICY.

First: What are you committed to right now? You are probably committed to lots of things. Some helpful, some not so helpful. Let’s start with the unhelpful ones: Perhaps you are committed to having a good time at the expense of tomorrow? Or at the expense of others? Perhaps you are committed to being entertained, even if it’s mind numbing?

Again, there is no right or wrong, this isn’t a quiz. We’re just observing!


If you DO find yourself stuck in judgement…if you can’t move on because it’s too distracting to focus…move to the bottom of the page for some ideas on how to approach this. Otherwise, read on.


Second: Hypothetically, what would it feel like to make a helpful commitment which we wouldn’t normally consider? Scary? Let’s even go out on a limb and consider something that feels too good to be true. For example, what if we all made the commitment to remember that we are constantly loved? This means: When someone is yelling at us, we are still loved (even if it doesn’t feel like it). When we get a flat tire, we are loved. When we can’t afford our bills, we are loved. It may seem unrealistic or silly, but that’s the point – we are stretching our selves.

When we make a commitment to something that’s truly helpful, even if it doesn’t feel true at first, it makes the challenging times feel much easier because we have something to fall back on. If we gain practice in recalling a specific feeling, such as the feeling of being loved – we are empowered in a way that most others aren’t. This gives us an edge in life. This is helpful.

If we are committed to demanding proof and receiving validation that we loved, is that helpful? If it’s not helpful, why are we doing it?

So – what if we each spent just 5 minutes a day to make an effort to committing to helpful beliefs?

Truth is relative – we all have different opinions. Something that’s true for one person will be false for another. So frankly, in the arena of consciousness it doesn’t even matter whether we can find proof or not. It just matters whether our commitments are helpful.

For the sake of illustration, here are some of my own personal commitments which I review in my mind daily:

•I am committed to being of service to myself and others

•I am committed to guiding my body toward greater relaxation and constant expansion

•I am committed to questioning myself, my intentions, and lovingly holding myself accountable for my actions

•I am committed to expressing my emotions in a healthy way as much as possible, rather than abusing people or allowing emotional constipation

•I am committed to protecting, honoring, and caring for the people in my life

•I am committed to having as much fun as possible

•I am committed to being an eternal student and teacher at the same time

•I am committed to finding the humor and joy in my own negativity

•I am committed to loving my partner more deeply tomorrow than I did yesterday

•I am committed to breathing deeply and consciously as often as I can remember


Thank you for reading, I appreciate you!


If you DO find yourself in judgement:

There are many modalities to help unravel the various paths to liberation: from Meditation Retreats, Breathing Methods, Moving methods, Amazing Spiritual Teachers, Psychological Unraveling tools, Somatic healing techniques, physical detox, it goes on and on. There are many, many ways to relax the nervous system and bring us back to balance. Everyone tends to have their favorite tools, and it’s usually most helpful to finds ways of integrating them sustainably into our everyday lives. I offer Creativity Empowerment coaching methods, which you can find here. For groups, one such method includes a brain wave powered immersive role playing experience entitled “Meet Your BioReflection: Creative Leadership Game“, in which players get to meet a very futuristic version of themselves.

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