Energy Alignment with Joshua

Hello, I’m Joshua Edjida.

I have the ability to pierce through distorted

thinking to get you closer to the Truth.

Not “my” Truth, your Truth.

My work is not about me, it’s about you.

I can Help You With:

-Relational Intimacy-

-Relief from Chronic Autoimmune/Pain/Anxiety/Depression/Trauma States- 

-Executive Coaching/Leadership Development/Sales Training-

-Enneagram based Brain Hemisphere Synchronization-

-Depth Branding/Personal Business Alignment –

-Willpower Activation-

-Men’s Groups/Male Initiation Journeys-

-Coaching through the Spiritual Awakening Process-

for a fast perspective shift, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND:

The Quantum Theater

A Uniquely Immersive



Participatory Meditation Experience

for Activating our Dormant Ability

of Dreaming Awake

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