You’ve arrived in a Portal. Welcome to the Lightning Path. Magic is in store.

Hello, I’m Joshua Edjida.

I bring a very unique ability to everything I do.

It’s a mysterious power.

It’s lightning.

It’s beyond explanation, but it works. Every time.

If you want to learn the basics, you can study the Toltec Knowledge.

I have a lot of content online, both free and paid.

Lean in and you’ll see.

Dark Lightning, dripping in silence.

Consciousness teachings from the other side.

Strike, Dark Lightning. Awaken to your true nature, beyond what you can possibly imagine.

My New book is called “Storytelling Wizardry”. It goes into detail about how the Storyweaving Strategy works. 

Transformational Storytelling Consulting is also available.

Or you can hire me to create a custom Dark Lightning story-based pattern interrupt performance to shoot a lightning bolt of change through your organization. 

And if you’re a leader, and you want the underlying secrets of how this all works, apply for the Cult Leader Training 😉

A Uniquely Immersive

experience of




Active Meditation.

The Quantum Theater

My work supports

-True Raw Intimacy- 

-Executive Coaching/Leadership Development/Sales Training-

-Brain Hemisphere Synchronization-

-Depth Branding

-Will Activation-

-Men’s Groups/Initiations-