Take your audience on the ride of their life.

Hello, I’m Joshua Edjida.

I bring a unique flavor of newness and creativity into my clients’ lives.

Specifically, I have a strange talent for transformational storytelling.

 I am the creator of a fantastical role-playing method called The Quantum Theater.

 I use the QT to create incredible story-based experiences.

 This can be for the purpose of deep self-exploration and healing, and/or QT can be used in the context of the Storyweaving Strategy for creating incredible content in service to your precious audience (existing or new).

 Storyweaving-powered stories radically transform BOTH the audience AND the storyteller.

It’s beyond explanation, and it works really f*cking well.

You have to try it and see.

This is both very much an art as well as a science.

The Science of attachment theory, parts work, nervous system regulation. The philosophy of the hero’s journey, spiritual awakening, the enneagram.

I recommend joining my Telegram group, getting my book, and checking out my Youtube channel (links below).

And if you’re brave, join my weekly membership group on Zoom.

I’m glad you’ve tuned in!

The Storyweaving book volume 1 is called “Storytelling Wizardry”. For storytellers on a mission, it goes into detail about how the Storyweaving Strategy works. 

Please look around and let me know if you have any questions.

A Uniquely Immersive

experience of




Active Meditation.

The Quantum Theater

My work supports

-True Raw Intimacy- 

-Executive Coaching/Leadership Development/Sales Training-

-Brain Hemisphere Synchronization-

-Depth Branding

-Will Activation-

-Men’s Groups/Initiations-